Thursday, January 10, 2013

2 upcoming opportunities to hear me flap my gums about drawing.

Opportunity #1: I'll be doing a workshop on Children's Books at Gallery Nucleus on Jan. 20th with James Burks and Dan Santat.

Opportunity #2: I'll be mentoring this semester with the Motivarti Mentorship Program. Click the link to apply.


Anonymous said...

I would love to do this. I think your designs amazing and hilarious. I looked at the link, but am not sure if I would have to live in LA to be considered. I live in Kansas City, so my question is if skype meetings an option for this mentorship?


dankrall said...

Hi Brett, Thanks a lot! and thanks for your interest. I'm afraid i can't do Skype meetings, the only time I'm available is at lunch time during the work week in Los Angeles. sorry!