Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey Everyone, Today is the day my book "Absolutely Beastly Children" hits the shelves! It also is the day that my newly renovated website http://www.dankrall.com/  is up (courtesy of the very talented and patient Cindy Morrow and her website design company GoodwillByDesign and the equally talented and patient Jojo Ramos who did the Flash animation on the homepage, thanks Cindy and Jojo!!!) Please stop by and see all the artwork I have been making over the last 7 years since the last update. It's not ready yet, but very soon a store will be open to purchase many wonderful wares.

If you have been so kind as to pre-order my book it should be on it's way! if you have not been so kind, it's not too late to redeem yourself!! Go into a bookstore today and buy as many as you can, go ahead and put them on a credit card and pay it off later. If they don't carry it throw a fit and make a scene and demand that they do. Much appreciated.