Friday, February 20, 2009

A very early idea for a hallway in the "other house" when it was a bit more over the top (and less practical) where the wall panels are like an aquarium with jelly fishes and squids drifting by.
This is actually my very most favorite drawing from the whole movie, it was a statue for the theatre that used to be Greco-Roman themed (but was very sensibly changed to art deco) that would have been tucked away in a corner somewhere and hidden in the shadows, but I referenced (stole) it directly from the most beautiful statue of a Mermaid clutching a lobster to her breast that I found in a book somewhere.
The contribution I'm the most proud of by far is the "Gravy Train" also another idea for crazy food the Jell-o Lava Lamp.
An early idea for the store clerk in Coraline, it is set in Oregon after all. (you know I love you Oregon).
some early ideas for the movers in the Coraline movie, it is set in Oregon after all.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

This happened tonight.