Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Look!! 2 books this year!!
written by Tammi Sauer
illustrated by Me
Available September 2012!
One of the sad things about illustrating children's books is when one of them gets held back a year as was the case with "Skeleton Cat" last year. It was supposed to come out for Halloween in 2011 but they had too many Halloween books that year so it got put on 2012's list. It takes soooo unbelievably, hard to describidly long to do a book, then once you turn it in with all the revisions, title pages, spine art etc. etc. it takes 2 or 3 more eternities for it to actually be printed, shipped halfway across the world, put in bookstores across the country and eventually be released into the wild so it seems like you're working working working your life away and nothing ever comes out, it's really very sad. BUT, the upside of that equation is that it does eventually come out and the upside to one be being held back a year is that you can have 2 come out in one year which for me is what 2012 is all about. So now, listed on Amazon's website and with an official ISBN# which as far as i'm concerned is proof that it will eventually be in the world is... "OH, NUTS!"
More to come closer to the release date on what it's all about and why you must have it and how it will change your life, but for now just know that it is alive and start saving up your $16.99


Unknown said...

Congrats Dan!!! If I buy will you sign? ok. It's a deal then. I heard you say yes.

Unknown said...

I will start saving today!

ANDY BIALK said...

Very exciting! Can't wait!!!

Docs said...

Great books,the books are the friend of mankind,aren't they?