Thursday, March 08, 2012

I just started another audiobook that I'm already enjoying a lot right off the bat. It's called "The Witch's Boy" written by Michael Gruber and in the first 2:00 minutes of it a witch who lives in the woods stumbles on the world's ugliest baby in a basket left for her with a note saying "The devil's child for the devil's wife".

"Well well..." she said to herself. "Let us see what some rude person has left." She opened the basket and looked in "Gasp... Oh My!" she said aloud as she beheld the ugliest baby boy that she and perhaps anybody had ever seen. He had a piggish snout (i love those) and close set eyes of a peculiar yellowish color, his mouth wide and floppy was already full of square little grinders. He was covered in coarse dark hair resembling the bristles of a hog and his ears were huge and pointed like a bats. His body was also oddly shaped, like a sack of stones and his feet were far too large. Of all his features his hands alone might be called 'good' their long delicate fingers flexing as the stubby arms waved."

I really enjoy books that give good physical descriptions of the characters, so much fun to draw.


Unknown said...

So good.

Wilson Swain said...

Great picture. I'm also loving your taste in books.

Docs said...

Enjoy it!