Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Frankenstein is my very favorite story and I just started listening to it once again on audiobook and all i can say is... it's still my very favorite story. Nice work 18 year old Mary Shelley.

It's one of those books where you're so familiar with the story from all of the movie versions that you think you know inside and out what it's all about, then you read it and see it couldn't be more completely different. For anyone who hasn't read it yet I won't ruin it by telling you what it's really like, but i will say he doesn't walk around slowly, grunting like a zombie.

Here's a shot from the very beginning where Dr. Frankenstein is pursuing his demon creation literally to the ends of the earth, up on the North Pole, where he is on death's door and happens upon a ship very coincidentally exploring the north pole. He's down to his last sled dog and almost frozen to death and the ship's captain asks him if he wants a ride but instead of saying "sure that would be great, i'm almost dead" he says "mmm, i dunno. it depends which way you're going. 'cause i made this demon creation and i'm really into catching and destroying him" but he says it in that old-timey eloquent way people used to talk back then that's super cool.

and that's just the beginning. I love this book.


spleenal said...

"i'm really into catching and destroying him" I'd love to read this version of Frankenstine!

Wilson Swain said...

I love it. It's such a weird moment in a classic text and here you are pointing at it and making us appreciate it too. Fantastic.