Monday, September 12, 2011


This weekend we were at the Santa Barbara Zoo where something hysterical happened. Some Jerk Eagle was flying around and spotted the zoo and thought "buffet". He was camped out in a tree all day enjoying his Federally Protected Status, while leisurely deciding which exotic delicacy to eat first. The zoo animals and staff were palpably nervous and the zoo even sent out two volunteer ladies in folding chairs to sit by the flamingos and otters and "keep an eye on them". I'm not sure how it turned out but he was still up there when we left and probably wasn't getting any less hungry as time went on.


Brad said...

lol! those darn jerk eagles!

Jeane M. said...

Haha XD!That was interesting one. Guess the game would be the last one standing. ;D wow account for sale

Cheyenne said...

that's a great story! really funny piece too, so much character :)

OV! said...


im pretty sure there werent as many animals as you illustrated there.

zoo's (like clowns) are so freaking depressing.


Unknown said...

Hahahaha!!!! Those two old lady would totally save the other birds. Great illustration and story, like always.


spleenal said...

watching old ladies trying to break up a fight between flamingos and an Eagle would have been awesome!