Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And now back to Bleak House. Another of my favorite characters, the overly dramatic, manipulative and somewhat flamboyant Old Mr. Turveydrop. Proprietor of the local dance school who can be seen here (starting at 4:10) in all his glory rebuking his son's announcement of engagement. In 30 seconds he covers the entire range of human emotion from outraged betrayal to selfless resignation. Disgustingly played by Matthew Kelly... bravo!!


Xavier Yabut said...

I really like this character!

Nanda said...

Ha ha! He's so DRAMATIC! " STRIKE HOME SIR STRIKE HOOMMEE!! ". What is he even on about?

These are really great drawings Dan, I'm really happy that you are showing us drawings.

In other news, I bought a dip pen and did some drawings and sometimes I think they look a bit like yours but not as great or funny, but I'm still pretty happy about it.

Bye Man.

Anonymous said...

Watched the clip and understand why you were compeled to draw this character! He is amazing and I'm particularly fascinated with his hair tuft. Bravo Mr. Krall.

Jason Doll said...

Wow! Love it....great line quality.