Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The thing I loved the most about Tokyo is that it's a city that happens in all 3 dimensions and maybe even a fourth, as opposed to LA where thing only happen on the x and y axis . Anything can be anywhere at anytime. Bowling Alley or a Toilet Showroom on the 25th floor, no problem. Full Scale Retail Mall or Pachinko Parlor 2 stories underground? also not a problem. As well as embracing things you don't ordinarily find in an American City like 50 foot tall Gorilla Statues hanging from the sides of buildings or 100 foot tall animating Crab Signs flailing their legs on the side of a sckyscraper. And at least 7 layers of transportation starting with 3 levels of subways underground, street traffic, local trains, bullet train tracks and the expressway above that towering 100 feet off the ground.