Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Speaking of inspiration on the internet...Don't ask how but I found this site. These people are amazing, I'm so happy they put these up for me.


Stephen Nicodemus said...

You are one sick animal! You should be proud of yourself.

Mark Ackland said...

boh man! that stuff is gold! what is the link?!?!?

TonyC. said...

Im cant speak.

Jay D Smith said...

gah, scary stuff!!

burgerlog said...

I think you are disgusting, and this is a horrible mockery of what it means to blog!!!

the doodlers said...

ouch, my eyes.

and they have such sweet names too.

we want the link!

BINO said...

Weel these are amazinnnnnnnggggg!!
And I found the link of the website, It's easy, you have enough clues here to find these beauties!
It's www.petit....oupsss sorry I'can't.

Good luck